Three Tips to Upgrade Your Life While Single

Take time to improve your physical environment

My approach to improving mental health has mainly focused on improving my quality of life through small incremental improvements to my environment. These are small projects that could be completed in a few hours that would have outsized improvements over the long-run.

  • Paint my garden fence with a coloured paint
  • Update some electrical outlets with USB sockets
  • Tidy up my home cinema set up with cable boxes and better cable management
  • Marie-kondo my clothes
  • Re-arrange my hallway to be more functional through removing furniture
  • Update my in-home network with a new core switch
  • Re-seal a leaking roof in my garden shed
  • Replace my bedroom curtains with better blackout curtains and a new curtain pole
  • Change the radiator valve to be an automatic bleed valve on the one radiator that fills with air

Food is more important than you think, invest time in improving it

The act of eating is definitely harder when you are single, it feels like everything you buy is designed for two people or a family of four. This has improved in recent years, but it still means that you need to work on a strategy to manage food and avoid wasting half of what you buy (or overeating).

  • Look for items that you can prepare in advance or are simple to prepare. Ideally, breakfast shouldn’t take more than 10–15 minutes to prepare.
  • Consider swapping out items that go out of date before you can use them entirely. I swapped milk for unsweetened almond milk; it is significantly lower in calories and I enjoy the taste.
  • Different breakfast elements may give you the flexibility to swap items around or even eat breakfast in two parts, if you get hungry a few hours after breakfast, then plan for it! Lean into your inner hobbit, second breakfast is a legitimate strategy.

Plan a fitness routine and don’t be afraid to shake it up

Exercising alone can feel like a chore, but don’t underestimate its value. I find that it helps give me time to decompress after a day at work, particularly during this era of remote working. Once you get on the gain train, it can be particularly motivating as well.



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